90-year-old WWII Vets cherish Father's Day

90-year-old WWII Vets cherish Father's Day

TEQUESTA, Fla. - Vinnie Giannone and Jerry Arnowitt can't walk much, but they sure can talk.

"The main joke that you say in (the assisted living community) is you know that lady with the gray hair and glasses," Arnowitt joked.

Giannone is 91-years-old and Arnowitt is 90-years-old.

"Oh, we got a baby here," Giannone joked about Arnowitt.

Both live in the Tequesta Terrace Assisted Living community.

Combined, they've celebrated more than 120 Father's Days.

Arnowitt even had a son  born on Father's Day.

"That was a great one," he said. "I went home, cut the hedges, came back and sat for about a half hour and then the doctor came out and said, 'I got a Ben Hogan for you.'"

When he said Ben Hogan it means he had a boy.

Father's Day may celebrate them, but the two fathers think back on their roles and how much they've changed now that they're older.

"I was used to checking on them all the time when they were growing up and now they're checking on me," Arnowitt laughed.
For Giannone, he thinks about his son Joe, a Vietnam war veteran.
"Of course you worry about them," Giannone said. "Every time you read the paper or something it's a concern. Any time a GI goes away you don't know what's going to happen."

He's the one child Giannone has left.

Giannone lost his daughter Rosalie to cancer when she was 25.

"I took her to the hospital she went through all kind of radiation, chemotherapy," Giannone said. "She had bone cancer and in three months she was gone. That was it. That was a hardship."

It's one reason he cherishes each Father's Day.

Both planned to spend time with their grandkids and still boss around their kids.

"Make sure your in bed before that. I'm the father now," Giannone joked with his son on the phone.

Through jokes, they laugh on this day as friends, but love this day as fathers, which they consider their greatest accomplishment.

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