PBC school board candidate calls police on opponent

Incident unfolded at early voting location

JUPITER, Fla. - There are accusations of 'dirty' politics in the battle for the District 1 Palm Beach County school board seat.  A confrontation on Sunday at an early voting location in Jupiter turned ugly, witnesses said, with one school board candidate calling the police on her opponent.

"I don't have anything to hide," said District 1 candidate Lowell Levine, concerning the incident. 

Photos provided first to NewsChannel 5 by BizPacReview.com show Levine surrounded by police officers.  Those officers were summoned to the scene by one of Levine's opponents, Christine Jax.  Levine said the incident surrounded some campaign signs that were said to missing. Levine believes Jax or someone associated with her campaign may be stealing his signs throughout the northern part of the county.  

Levine said he put two signs right next to Jax's signs on Saturday evening, only to return the next day to find them gone. 

"I was upset because it's my property and my money," he said.  "The only person there at that time was Ms. Jax."  At that point, Levine admits, he became angry and confronted Jax.  "I told her 'If you think this is funny, I am going to get a van tonight and I'm going to pick up all your signs', so she called the police."

That police response did stop further escalation. 

"I could see that he was angry as he was walking toward me and I was uncomfortable immediately," said Jax, who denies any wrongdoing.  "No, we're not removing campaign signs," she said.

Levine believes otherwise, but has no idea where his missing signs could be.  Levine has since apologized and Jax has accepted. 

No charges were filed or citations given because of incident. Levine, Jax and three others are vying for District 1 school board seat representing northern Palm Beach County.

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