Villages of Hope helping kids transition

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - David Sarris was in foster care for three years. Much of his time was spent at the Villages of Hope foster home. Now the 19 year old is learning how to be on his own.

"I have an apartment now and I pay my rent and I just got my second car," Sarris said.

He is one of the lucky ones.

According to workers at the foster home, once kids turn 18 they are done with foster care and are on their own.

"What we've seen is not just here locally is that children that grow up in foster care if they age out on their 18th birthday, not having any connections within a year of aging out, they end up pregnant or in jail," said Joshua Kolkana with the Villages of Hope campus,

Last month Villages of Hope opened an extended foster care home to mentor those who are 18 and older. They believe supporting the former foster kids will help them succeed.

"We try to work with them on their finances we try to make sure they have stable employment, make sure they are in schooling what it be post or secondary education training and we make sure that they have physical and mental health," Kolkana said.

Extra guidance that is already helping people like Sarris who is pursuing a college degree in psychology and is in the independent living program at the facility.

"I saw that a lot of kids in foster care have a lot of problems that they are holding inside and yes a lot of it is behavior problems but a lot of that comes from the frustration and the anger that's inside," he said.

Many of the programs at the home are supported by community donations.

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