Two PBC families bonded by tragedy after Hannah Huntoon 'car surfing' incident

Huntoon, 16, was critically injured

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- Hannah Huntoon remains in a medically-induced coma after Palm Beach Gardens police say the high school sophomore fell from the back of a moving vehicle in a stunt known as 'car surfing.'

Huntoon's family is receiving support from strangers, some who know all too well how quickly life can change.

Huntoon remains sedated and on a ventilator in her hospital room at St. Mary's Medical Center -- in the very same room where another local teen fought for her life after sustaining serious head injuries late last year. 

Meanwhile, Constance Huntoon, Hannah's mother, is living her life minute-by-minute. 

"It has completely changed our lives," she said. "There's ups and downs. There's ups and downs everyday."

Now, Mrs. Huntoon is receiving some guidance from another local mother who knows this pain.

Beth Strouse's daughter Stella suffered similar serious head injuries in late December.

The 14-year old was thrown from a moving golf cart at the Tequesta Country Club. Like Hannah, Stella was in a coma, lying motionless, day after day.

"A mother needs someone to say 'Look, this is what can happen,'" said Beth.

After spending over a month in a hospital bed, Stella is back on her feet.

On Monday, with her mom, Stella went to the Huntoon's home as living proof that time can heal.

"I want Hannah to know that everything's going to be ok," said Stella. "It just takes a while and everyone's there for you, and they care for you and they'll always be here."

Huntoon's family said Hannah could remain in a coma for weeks. Doctors can say that Hannah was not paralyzed during that car-surfing incident.

Meanwhile, her friends and family are holding a benefit dance for Hannah on Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. at Palm Beach Gardens High School.

Stella and her mother are expected to be in attendance.

"It was really great to meet them I'm sure they came into my life for a reason," said Constance.

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