Tiger Woods draws a crowd at Honda Classic

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - The crowd that's been following Tiger swells to the hundreds just before he tees off.

At 12:30 Thursday, an enormous crowd surrounded the first hole, looking for any opening to peer through.  Some were on tip toes, stretching for a glimpse.

"There's always excitement around him whether its good excitement or bad excitement, there is always something," explained spectator Maggie Shenkin

Many said they waited hours for their front-row seat.

Dan Riggins said, "We got here at 6:30 this morning and you can see right now there's probably 15 to 20 times more people since Tiger came on the course."

Donald Scinto said, "Every kid around wants to play like Tiger. He's just excitement."
Many fans had to plan for their next move as Tiger walked to his next shot, as the flood of foot traffic gushed forth.

"We're going to stay ahead of him and the crowd is going to be so enormous, we're just going to stay ahead and hopefully see him as he comes along," Riggins said.

Shenkin said, "I have to push my way in because I'm not very pushy, but I just love watching them."

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