The life of a golf marshal at the Honda Classic

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Dozens of men and women wearing turquoise polo shirts will step in if you step out of line as a spectator.

They're called golf marshals, and they're there to keep spectators respectful.

Bill Fox keeps the peace so that a golfer can take his shot, quieting the crowd with his hands stretched high into the air.

He knows the patch of grass he stands on very well. He's positioned about a hundred yards out, where he says he often sees all the action. 

"The first year I was on the second hole, then I requested the 18th and I've had the 18th for five years running," he said.

Fox doesn't consider it work. Every year, the job is his vacation. He travels to the Honda Classic just so he can serve in the volunteer position.

"Today with the tee up they are trying to get the fellas to go for the green in two, make a little bit of excitement maybe go in the drink," he said.

He has to keep up on the action on the course as much as he watches the fans to make sure they are off cell phones and behind the ropes. He fields endless questions -- most of them about Tiger Woods.

It's a job not everyone appreciates, but it's a job he loves.

"We get a bad rap, but we're really friendly," he laughed.

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