'Swede Fest' set for Saturday in Palm Beach Gardens

Actors give sneak peek at spoof film festival

PALM BEACH GARDENS - Your favorite movie is getting a makeover: cut down to less than three minutes and remade in a laughably bad way.

It's called the Swede version. Dozens of local movie buffs submitted their best, or worst, work for the third annual Swede Fest.

It starts with a familiar tune, but right from the start you know this isn't the Rocky III you remember. What about Pulp Fiction? Have you ever seen the version with cut-out figures playing the star roles? Now is your chance.

The Borland Center at Mainstreet at Midtown in Palm Beach Gardens is hosting Swede Fest this Saturday. Inspired from Jack Black's movie Be Kind, Rewind, locals enter their homemade work.

"We have fun, we enjoy finding comedy in things that aren't necessarily funny," said Zack Myers.

The acting student can turn a good movie bad. He helped create several spoofs for Saturday's film festival.  "We usually just have the props laying around the house and we just make it," he explained.

That's the fun of it for Melissa Wise who remade the Nicolas Cage classic Raising Arizona this year.

"I'm just a big kid, I still like make-believe, I have boxes of costumes, Halloween in my favorite thing in the world," she said. "So just getting to be someone else for a little bit and getting to share it with everybody else is fantastic."

This event has sold out the past two years, but some tickets are still available online . The festival is Saturday at 7 p-m.

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