Quiz laced with sexual innuendo given to high school students

Dwyer HIgh teacher disciplined over quiz

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - A link to the entire quiz is just below this article

A psychology quiz laced with sexual innuendo was given to a high school class for a grade.

The assignment titled "The Sexual Tension Quiz" was given by teacher Frank Rozanski in his advanced placement psychology class at Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens.

One parent couldn't believe what she was reading when her child brought the assignment home.

The parent, who doesn’t want to be identified, said, “You know that's something, I don't know, you wouldn't even see on a porn site, I don't know, it's that bad."

There are no curse words or nudity in the quiz but it clearly paints a naughty picture.

"To have a teacher giving that, you know, to me that’s sexual harassment to these kids," said the Dwyer High School parent.

Other parents agreed.

The 14-question quiz used words like "penetrates" and "discharge."

Palm Beach County's school district didn't think the quiz was appropriate either.

The district spokesman said disciplinary action was taken against the teacher immediately and the school is communicating directly with parents whose children were affected.

Concerned parents say whatever discipline was doled out by the district simply isn't enough.

They say the Rozanski shouldn't be a teacher at Dwyer High School any more.

The school district confirmed Rozanski is still a teacher at Dwyer.  The district won't say how he was disciplined, because it's a personnel issue.

There were 13 G-rated quiz answers but that doesn’t change one parent’s opinion. "Just after reading this, you know, it's not something any kids should have to read. Kids minds are already there, let's not make it worse."

The school district hasn't said why the quiz was handed out in class, but it claims it’s taking steps to make sure it won't happen again at Dwyer High School.

Parents said Mr. Rozanski was at Dwyer Thursday teaching his regularly scheduled classes.

Click here to read the quiz.

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