PBC school police to be on alert until winter break

Extra police at PBC schools throughout week

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - As kids got dropped off at school this morning at Marsh Pointe Elementary School parents held them a little tighter before they let them go.

"There were a few lengthier hugs and a few teary moms but all happy kids," Marsh Pointe Elementary Principal Maureen Werner said.

Werner said kids stayed happy throughout the day.

Teachers told her the younger kids didn't know about the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

"Kindergarten through second grade it wasn't discussed at all," she said. "The older children there were different levels of awareness."

Whether or not the kids knew about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Palm Beach County Schools Police Chief Lawrence Leon said all schools were on alert. 

"For me visiting the campuses today I was on several schools and the parents I did see were concerned," he said.

He said the extra police presence calmed parents nerves.

He says the schools are safe, but they will be looking at what type of changes, if any, can be made.

"It's always in the back of your mind you know what occurred," Chief Leon said. "We have to go and reevaluate what happened there and see what we can bring here."

But when looking, the district  have to always be aware of costs.

In the meantime, additional officers will continue to be at the schools until winter break.

Teachers will continue to be prepared to answer questions too.

"If they ask a question take the kid aside and answer it in as simplistic of form as you can," Werner said.

One difference Werner said she did notice was after school there were more parents picking their kids up than normal.

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