Patrick Murphy supporters mingle and occasionally cheer

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Red, white and blue balloons and banners line the walls and white tablecloths are tossed over high an low tables as Patrick Murphy supporters mingle and occasionally cheer.

With an empty podium at the front of the room, the scene is set for the Congressional candidate to arrive at his election party.

The battle for the District 18 Congressional seat has been well publicized nationwide as high prices advertisements have stabbed back and forth between Murphy and his republican challenger Congressman Allen West.

On Election Day Murphy spent his time making a final plea to voters, making the rounds to seven precincts in all thee counties covered by the seat. A spokesperson for his campaign claims he was met with positive feedback and a good turnout of supporters in polling places. Murphy is optimistic.

Murphy greeted supporters with handshakes and smiles. He says he knows how close the race is going to be.

The candidates have drawn national attention for a race that had included expensive and fiery advertisements. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent by West, Murphy and a variety of super PACs.

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