Palm Beach State College Gardens campus celebrates new facility

New outdoor amphitheater opens

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - It's a first for Palm Beach State College.

A new amphitheater on the college's Palm Beach Gardens campus.

Tuesday afternoon, students and staff celebrated the opening of the outdoor facility.

"It's a new toy so we get to have a lot of fun, and we can use it, and it's just exciting," said Ari Medrano, Student Government president at PBSC.

A little more than 1,200 square-feet, the structure is located in the heart of the campus and was part of a $339,102 campus green improvement project.

"In the economic times, it is tough to build these kinds of projects. But overall it was a reasonable project and we believe that we're going to get a lot of benefit from it," said Jean Wihbey, the Provost of the College's Palm Beach Gardens campus.

The facility will host shows that will be open to the public.

Administrators believe the venue will serve as a way to bring students closer through arts and culture.

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