Palm Beach Gardens family vacationing in Outer Banks find themselves in path of Hurricane Arthur

PALM BEACH GARDENS. Fla. -- - They thought they were escaping the heat and rain of South Florida.

But a Palm Beach Gardens family who traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the 4th of July holiday weekend found themselves right in the path of Hurricane Arthur on Thursday.

"To see a hurricane approaching the outer banks while we're here at a house right on the water, it was a bit of a surprise," said Alex Brock, of Palm Beach Gardens.

Alex and his brother David also found it ironic being that they have already been through multiple hurricanes living in South Florida including Francis, Jeanne and Wilma.

"You know talking to some of the other people here on the island that are here vacationing here from Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, they're freaking out to say the least," said David Brock. "We're sitting here kind of kicked back and having a good laugh of it."

But the Brock family is taking Hurricane Arthur seriously. They have stocked up on food, water and other supplies.

Alex and David said they have watched many other drive out of town in fear of the devastation of Hurricane Arthur.

The family made the decision as a group to ride the storm out, just like that have in previous hurricane back home in Florida.

"We're not going to let it dampen our holiday. You know it's a category one, category two. We're in a modern house right here. We're going to kick back," said Alex Brock. "If we lose power, we lose power. We'll light some candles, play some board games and just have a good time."