Palm Beach Gardens bans pet shops from selling puppies

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Are you thinking about buying a puppy?  You may be hard pressed to find one in Palm Beach Gardens.

In a unanimous vote Thursday night, the city council voted to ban pet shops from selling puppies, according to The Palm Beach Post .

The measure passed after many speakers told stories of sick and mistreated pets bred in puppy mills.

The council also heard from customers who say they unknowingly bought a sick puppy and became overwhelmed with vet bills, which they said shop owners wouldn't refund.

The owners of a local pet store, Palm Beach Puppies, spoke out against the measure during the meeting, The Post reports.

Other store owners say this ban will put many people out of business.

The stores will have about 180 days to sell their current inventory of puppies. The stores will still be able to sell rescue dogs, fish and pet supplies. 

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