Palm Beach County School District Police investigating bus driver after kids left at intersection

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- - Palm Beach County School District Police are investigating a school bus driver after allegations surfaced on Wednesday that the driver dropped off a group of young kids at a busy intersection, far from their bus stop.

A spokesperson with the Palm Beach County School District confirmed on Thursday investigators were looking into why at least two young students were found wandering the Northlake Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens.

One of the children found was Aleece Gonzalez, 9, who was spotted huddled under a covering at a BP gas station on Monday. A driver spotted Aleece and another child, then call the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office.

"It's more than precious cargo. It's our children. Our children our more important to us than anything," said Daniel Gonzalez, the father of Aleece.

Daniel Gonzalez and his wife Andi said they thought their child went missing after she did not turn up at her designated bus stop after a day of summer school at Eisenhower Elementary.

"Horrible. I don't want to go on it again." said Aleece Gonzalez.

The Palm Beach County School District said it was the first day of summer school and these were new routes for drivers.

"This man may still be driving a bus. That this could happen today. It could happen any day over again," said Daniel Gonzalez.

The Gonzalez family said they now want to see action so no other students have to feel terrified like their daughter did on Monday.

"I hope no one has to feel like that," said Aleece Gonzalez.

The district said if a child does not know their stop, proper protocol is to call dispatch or return to the school they came from. Investigators are now looking into whether proper measures were taken during the incident.