Palm Beach County parents watching kids at day care via webcam

High-tech trend growing in south Florida

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Some Palm Beach County parents are better safeguarding their children with the click of computer mouse.

High-tech child care is booting up across south Florida thanks to cameras that send live video to anywhere in the world.

"There she is right there," said Lori Randell as she points to her computer screen. The Palm Beach Gardens working mother says she always has a handle on what her kids are up to.

While her 4 year old daughter, Alexis, is at day care and while Randell is busy at work, this mother can watch her daughter's every move as it happens - via webcam. "Just to know that they are okay without having to pick up the phone a hundred times to check on them," said Randell.

This type of high-tech child care is part of a growing trend across south Florida and beyond. A secure livestream is available at a parent's fingertips - on their computer screen - from the moment the kids are dropped off at at the care facility.

Seventeen cameras are online at Home Away From Home Learning Center in Palm Beach Gardens. Parents receive their own private log-in and password with viewing access to the rooms and playgrounds that their children use.

"Some centers might not feel comfortable doing it," said Laura Copeland, Assistant Director of Home Away From Home, which has five facilities operating in Palm Beach County.

"They might feel it's a liability. We're confident in our program and our staff so we don't see an issue here," said Copeland.

Staffers say for family members who are overseas, for parents serving in the military or for moms and dads who work just a few minutes away this is a new way to watch over what is most important.

"The parents have a big peace of mind knowing that they can log in from anywhere," said Copeland.

The technology is not just available on your desktop computer, but there's also an app for that. Parents are able to watch their kids via webcam on a smartphone where ever they are.