Not just golfers have a practiced hand at Honda Classic

Those who work the Honda Classic often make their careers out of running the technology necessary to keep things running.  One woman, has made it on the low-tech end.

Behind the glow of the giant electronic scoreboards, Marianne Ruche works as a Calligraphy official.  

"It can be a little bit crazy, but we have a computer system and every group that finishes it comes through on the computer and we have a little printer and it just prints it off for us and peel it off, and go up and down the board all day long," she said.

In 20 years, she has discovered that few are experts in her narrow field.

"I bought a couple books and i did take some lessons from a guy years ago."

She has to understand the game, but also have good penmanship.  She is quick on her feet.  If she makes a mistake, it is the old-fashioned, low-tech, cut and paste method.

"We still we do hole by hole every single player, and if they are looking for a particular player and want to know where they are on the course or how they're doing, they might not be in the top ten or whatever."

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