More children in the foster care system

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Janice Tipton  has been a foster parent for more than 40 children the past seven years. Right now she is caring for six girls in one of the"Place Of Hope" cottages in Palm Beach Gardens. Janice said, "I had three children of my own and I raised them and they went off to college. And I wanted to come back and do something for the Lord and to be there for some other children."

The number of children who are ending up in foster care is going up at an alarming rate, especially in Palm Beach County.

Child Net, which places kids in foster homes, noticed a spike in numbers.

Executive Director Larry Rein said, "Last month we had 135 children which is probably the most ever. Two months ago we only had 55 removed. The increase in the number of children needing foster homes has been especially dramatic this summer."
They think the  reason for the increase is more children are being removed from their homes.

"There is speculation, because of the tragedies that occurred elsewhere in the state, not in Palm Beach fortunately, there have been child deaths, And when that happens you typically see a spike. In my 12 years, I have never seen a spike like this," said Rein.

Until more foster parents can be found, organizations like "Place Of Hope" will have to pick up more of the load.

Their executive director, Charles Bender told NewsChannel 5, "There are a lot of kids coming into care, but the idea is to either get them back home or to get them out of the system in permanency forever families through adoption. We really want to ramp up our efforts there and in the south county."

They will be opening a facility in Boca Raton in about four months.

Place Of Hope
Charles Bender, Executive Director
Palm Beach Gardens


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