Kimberly Lindsey's divorce attorney opens up about the contentious relationship

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Kimberly Lindsey's divorce attorney Joe Fields has been grieving and unable to open up publicly about what happened to his client until now.

"I had significant guilt. The terminology that I struck the match...lit the fuse that caused him to blow up," Fields said.

Fields fought for Lindsey in court for almost four years, along the way becoming her close friend.

Ultimately, he got what he calls one of the best divorce settlements of his career.

But that victory quickly turned tragic when just days after a hearing Albert Lambert murdered his ex wife Kimberly. Days later Lambert was found dead. Investigators believe he overdosed.

"I'm still getting the grief out of my system," Fields said.

Fields says from the beginning of the divorce, Lambert, who was an Emergency Room doctor, had a "God complex" because he was used to being the boss in the ER.

"I didn't have the same obligation to treat him as a God, so he came up against something he didn't have an easy way of dealing," Fields said.

Fields spent countless hours working on the expensive divorce.

"He spent well over three hundred thousand dollars fighting me. He lost miserably on just about every issue," Fields said.

And Fields says Lambert didn't take well to losing. He stopped paying for his girl's college and child support payments were late.

"I stopped calling him doctor because I thought he had given up the right to claim that title by his behavior toward the kids. Most of the time I made a concerted effort to call him Mr. That is all he was," Fields said.

Fields says Lindsey never told him that her ex threatened her physically, but there were other ultimatums.

"Some of the emails that I gave detectives mention from him to her asking "do you have a contingency plan."

A contingency plan because Lambert told Lindsey he was going to flee the country so he wouldn't have to pay her, according to Fields.

"His response to something that was just economic was to kill her," Fields said.

An attorney for years, Fields says after this tragedy, he is not ready to take on any nasty, contentious divorces.

"I'm going to take a back burner for a while and tell people to take that business elsewhere. I'm going to recover from my grief from what happened and get back into lawyering in other areas," Fields said.

But he says he will continue to fight to get Lindsey's three daughters what they deserve.

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