KIMBERLY LINDSEY: Dozens gather for prayer vigil hoping for search attention in missing nurse case

More than 100 gathered praying for Lindsey

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- - A new push to finding missing school nurse Kimberly Lindsey as dozens gathered at the 9/11 Memorial in Palm Beach Gardens hoping it would help bring Lindsey home.

Candles burned into the night as tears streamed down the faces of those who came together.

Everyone in attendance knew the Bak Middle School nurse and they all want her to come back.

"You need to get this face out there. We don't know if she's in Palm Beach County we don't know if she's in Florida. We don't know where she is," said Laura Hanley, a parent who knows Lindsey.

The group of more than 100 all had the goal of keeping Lindsey on the minds of everyone. The school nurse has been missing for days, last seen on Sunday.
"Like living in a dream, a bad dream." said Rosa Vasquez, a Bak Middle School parent.

Vasquez relied on Lindsey as her daughter Natalie Chavez visited her every day at school for medication.

"She was a really good nurse to me and she meant a lot to me," said Chavez.

Feeling helpless and heartbroken, this group that gathered on Friday night could only hope for a miracle.    

"I would say I really miss her and to come back soon because everyone is missing her a lot," said Chavez.

Those gathered said Lindsey might be missing, but she is not forgotten.

"We need our friend, mom, sister, aunt, co-worker back. And we're not going to stop until we get her back," said Hanley.

On the "Find Kimberly Lindsey" Facebook page, her daughter Savannah left a message thanking everyone.

" We're so sorry we couldn't make it to the vigil this evening, we have to play everything by ear," wrote Savannah.


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