Julian DeSantis charged as an adult in the shooting death of Feliciano Sabates

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - A Palm Beach County teen has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of a friend.

Seventeen-year-old Julian DeSantis has been charged with negligent manslaughter and aggravated battery in the shooting death of Feliciano Sabates.

According to police reports, the suspect first told police he didn't know who shot Sabates . They say he even gave a description of a fake shooter. But then police say he confessed that he shot his friend by accident.

In the 911 call, DeSantis allegedly said: "Someone was shot in my house...I don't know, someone ran into my house and shot him."

“I wish he was still here. Have a good day,” said the victim’s father Feliciano Sergio Sabates.

The shooting happened August 2nd at an apartment complex in Palm Beach Gardens.

“Bad is not the right word for how he (DeSantis) feels. His whole family has been going through this. They weren't just friends with Julian. The family was friends. The mother like a second mother, the father like a second father, these are relationships these juveniles had for a long time,” said defense attorney Brian Gabriel.

But the victim's step father says that is not true. He says his family was not close with the defendants.

"We have never met the defendant's family under any circumstances. We didn't meet until we were both outside the courtroom," the victim's stepfather Leo Plasencia said.

DeSantis told police that he was holding the gun when it went off about ten feet from Sabates. But the prosecutor said that medical examiner reports don't totally back up that story.

Police also say that DeSantis was pointing the gun at the heads of other teens. And, at one point,  even pushed the gun against one teen’s head so hard that it left scratches.

A judge granted DeSantis a 150-thousand dollar bond plus house arrest

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