Jobs waiting for college students who like math and science

Internship turns into job opportunities

Andrea Trainor and Charles Barker are testing a golf cart. Classmates had to figure out a way to power the golf cart with a natural resource-- the sun.

The students are part of a paid internship program which can eventually turn into a job after they graduate.

Andrea said,  "When I came into the program, I had no experience, I had odd jobs, waitressing. But I decided that it was time to go back to school and I spoke to the professor and he referred me they have a business partnership with FPL."

The plan is a two year program. Dr. Jay Matteson with Palm Beach State College told us, "We teach them introduction about fuels, introduction to solar, introduction to hydropower, introduction to the wind and you learn all of these green variables. And it's not like something new that just came out of the sun, it's building upon what already exists and can be even more."

One of the projects that the students were given was to find a way to increase the efficiency of solar panels. They came up with this flower, and they put photo sensors at the top which actually find the sunlight and that maximizes power which eventually produces electricity. But the program is more than classroom work.

Professor Oleg Andric, also with the college said, "I think it's really good for students to be able to apply the knowledge, theoretical knowledge that they get in the classroom and see how it actually applies in the real job."
Student Blaine Burgess graduates next year. This week he said he interviewed with Sikorsky. "It's as an instrumentation technician trying to wire up stuff that goes into helicopters. I think that getting out into the workplace will definitely help a lot to figuring out what kind of career I want."

College students wanting a bright future.

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