Isaac clean up forcing seniors out of living community and into a hotel

Senior living facility moving residents into hotel

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Dozens are being relocated from a Palm Beach Gardens senior living facility into a hotel as crews clean up damage done to rooms impacted by Tropical Storm Isaac.

Family members and moving vehicles have been driving in and out of the entrance all day, doing their part to help about 35 move so repair work can be done.

The move is getting mixed reactions from people who live at Prosperity Oaks senior living community.

"My mom is legally blind and hard of hearing so she knows her surroundings so this will be different so yeah it's tough," Sandy Rossetta said.

Rossetta was helping her mother move out of her room at the living community.

Rossetta's mother is one of about 35 who are moving out of the senior housing community and into the nearby Embassy Suites.

"I don't know about excited, but we'll get through it," Danielle Chassang said.

Chassang takes care of Dr. Ester Goodman Sack.  Dr. Sack is a 94-year-old woman who has lived at the complex for a few years, but is fine with moving temporarily.

"It's not a big deal," Chassang said. "We're going to be right up the street."

As they move out, armed with dehumidifiers and fans, the Blue Team Restoration crew is moving in.

They are drying out rooms and fixing damage done by the storm a few weeks ago.

"I guess there was water penetration through the exterior wall and they're taking care of it," Rossetta said.

"We really got through it pretty well," Chassang said about the storm. "From what I understand there's really just a little bit of roof damage and she's had to have a dehumidifier in her room for the last couple of weeks."

Floor by floor, week by week about 300 residents will be moving out of the facility to the nearby hotel.

The living facility is calling it "a week vacation" for residents.

"I was thinking about it today because I have a lot of things to put out of the way," Elsie Wade said.

Wade isn't worried about moving and doesn't have a problem with it.

The facility's executive director says contractors are renovating the rooms to avoid risks.

What risks they're trying to avoid she wouldn't say.

"They're doing the best they can," Rossetta said. "Better they take care of it than have mold."

The executive director of the living community did say they will be still serving the residents three meals a day like they would normally.

They're going to do the best they can to give them the same quality of living they enjoy at Prosperity Oaks.

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