Honda Classic proves to be profitable for Palm Beach Gardens restaurants

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - The Honda Classic has proven to be one of the more profitable times of the year for Palm Beach Gardens businesses that aren't far from the course.

Restaurant owners are looking at big profits from golf fans trying to make the most of their experience.

They say it's not just the week of The Honda Classic that brings extra business. It's also the week before and the week after.

So, just because the Honda Classic is over, the chance for wait staff and business owners to make extra money isn't.

"Every time the Honda Classic is in town, I go out at night afterward.  It is one of my favorite weekends of the year," said golf fan Stewart Patrick.

Restaurant owners rely on fans like Patrick who splurge a little this week, to raise their profits.

"I spend way too much money," Patrick said.

Rocco's Tacos Assistant Manager Ryan Forgy said his restaurant sees about a double in business.

"With the Honda Classic, it's kind of in a league of its own. We always joke that it's our holiday weekend down here," Forgy said.

Next door at Kabuki, the trend is about the same.

"Very busy. We've been picking up business almost 25 percent. We get a lot of golfers and a lot of fans," said Kabuki manager, Kate Sukasame.

Restaurants prepared with full staff, extra food and supplies, and brought in employees from other restaurant locations to help with the large crowds.

With the week coming to an end, Forgy says he's relieved.

"It's great having everybody make all the money here. It's great having all the awesome crowds here, but it does wear you down after a few days," said Forgy.

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