Honda Classic 2014: Pros eat well at the tournament

Chef prepares gourmet meals for players

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -  Member's Club chef Sean McHugh is ready for the rush.

"I imagine that during some point of Honda I'm going to have to order more, but starting with salmon I ordered a hundred pounds of salmon."

One will hear McHugh talk in pounds this way because he leads a team that feeds the Honda Classic players, their caddies, and the players' families and invited guests in a special dining room.

"Sixty pounds of clams, 60 pounds of mussels, about 140 pounds of shrimp," McHugh said. 

The effort includes 500 pounds of prime rib, 200 pounds of tenderloin and 300 pounds of strip loin.  There are also items on the menu beyond protein and healthy vegetables.

"The players seem to like a lot of candy, a lot of dried cereals, chips," McHugh said.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are a hot item, so are Kit Kat bars and Snickers bars. 

"The one request we do seem to get that did throw me off is there are a few golfers, that, in the morning, they would like chocolate milk.  So we bring in chocolate milk for them," he said.

McHugh says this is the craziest week of his year, but also the most exciting. 

"I remember going to golf tournaments, and now, I'm right in the center.  I got the best view of hole number 1 here.  Nine, 10 and 18, I can see it all from this dining room.  So it's an honor, it's  lot of fun."

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