Final preps underway for the Honda Classic at the PGA National

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - At the Honda Classic, final preparations are being made.

The Honda's head caterer, Marc D'Ambrosio, is supervising 400 workers as they stock 30,000 hot dogs, 30,000 burgers, 50,000 beers, and practically a billion bags of chips.

Tiger's presence means more fans need more food.

And just like the golf course, there are rules to catering.

"I've been doing this twenty years. You never run out," said D'Ambrosio. "That's key."

Tiger has meant a whole lot of last-minute adjustments.

The barricades at the autograph zone, behind the 18th green, were installed on Wednesday to hold back Tiger-sized crowds.

"Not only is it to keep Tiger and the other players safe, but we need to make it enjoyable for everyone who comes to watch," said the tournament operations manager, Brent Waugh.

Fans also have preparations to make, like understanding the rules.

During tournament play, pictures won't be allowed as they were during Wednesday's pro-am.

Phones will be fine to text, tweet and update from, as long as you talk only in designated areas and ringers are silent.

"Some people have learned the hard way about that. I know several of the holes we were standing on phones did go off," said tournament-goer MaryEllen Purdy. "The marshals were not happy about that."

If your phone goes off during the tournament, the marshals can confiscate it and return it only after play for the day has ended.

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