Eva Kadron : DUI charges dropped against 75 year old woman who just left radiation treatment

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Charges against 75 year old Eva Kadron were dropped by the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office because a spokesman with the State Attorney's Office says says she has health problems and did not show incapacity.

Kadron was arrested in January by Palm Beach Gardens Police after they say she hit a car, bushes, and curbs in a parking lot.

Kadron says she was leaving her doctor's office where she had radiation when police arrived.

"I was thinking this is crazy...the policemen are crazy," Kadron said.

Police say they were concerned because someone called to report Kadron.

She tested positive for the pain killer Tramadol and also failed field sobriety tests.

"This story could have had a whole different outcome. If she had gone onto Military Trail she could have caused serious injury to herself or others or maybe even a fatality. She was impaired driving," Palm Beach Gardens Police spokeswoman Ellen Lovejoy said.

Kadron says she explained to the officer that she could not complete the field sobriety tests because of her condition.

"I said I am sorry but I am not able to walk in a straight line because I have had two hip replacements and my balance is not good," Kadron said.

Kadron was taken to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office where she remained for eight hours.

"I was banging on the door saying when do I get to go home. He said when you are sober. I said sober from what," Kadron said.

Kadron says she was nervous because she did not have access to her medication in jail.

"I was so cold and hungry and I needed to drink water. I hadn't eaten since that morning," Kadron said.

No alcohol was found in her system, but police say she was impaired by the pain medication.

Spokesman for the State Attorney's Office Mike Edmondson said, "Her toxicology came back with Tramadol in her system which is not a scheduled narcotic. We don't believe she showed incapacity."

Palm Beach Gardens Police say they arrested Kardon because they were looking out for her safety and the safety of others on the road.