Despite a few complaints, iPhone 5 buyers gleeful

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - They're extensions of our hands and our minds.

New iPhones 5\s are being unwrapped all across our area.

"I was super excited," said Allison Albert of Jupiter.

The new iPhones  were shown off like trophies.

"It's got a bigger screen, different charger," said Albert.

The charger is the first point of unwanted change for some.

Apple says its new tiny charger makes for a faster connection to computers.

But a few we spoke to - like Terry Overton of Palm Beach Gardens - says she's annoyed that she now has to buy adapters for her car and spare charger, which cost $30 each.

"Seeing that I had the other iPhone and I had to buy a charger for it, all kinds of stuff for it, now you have to do it all over again," said Overton.

Repair shop iFixYouri says they sold out of a small number of adapters within hours and have a shipment of hundreds on the way - which won't be in till next week.

"Maybe Apple could have made some adapters and put them in the box," said Chris Johncke of iFixYouri.

Another complaint iFixYouri has gotten from a few callers is a so-called "bubbling" of the screen.

Though they say complaints seem isolated, several YouTube videos were posted that seem to show a brown circle forming when the screen is touched.

iFixYouri also says the back of the iPhone 5 is made with aluminum, rather than glass, making it easier to scratch.

"We see issues with all the new devices that come out. All of them," said Johncke.

It's not just Apple making money on the new iPhone 5.

Lynn University Junior Avra Ok waited in line for an iPhone 5 in Boca Raton for five hours this morning.

She bought four of them. Why?

Because the going rate in Turkey for an iPhone 5 is nearly $2,000. She's going to sell one and pay for a trip back home.

"It sounds crazy, but why not?" she said.

We looked at an online auction site here in the United States and saw several 64 gig iPhones going for $2,500.

We called Apple and asked them to respond to some of the complaints we heard, but didn't immediately hear back.

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