Car surfing teen speaks out from hospital bed

Hannah Huntoon, 16, sustained severe head injuries

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- Hannah Huntoon is speaking out from her hospital bed -- a cause for celebration after a car surfing accident put the Palm Beach Gardens teen on the brink of death. 

A message from Hannah was very brief -- just 15-seconds or so. But the teen can now speak for herself.

Hannah was in her hospital bed at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach Wednesday when she recorded her message. 

"Thank you so much for everyone and all their prayers," she said.

The 16-year old is not yet ready to show the extent of her head injuries, but she wants everyone to hear her message.

"St. Mary's, you saved my life. Thank you," she said.  

Her dad recorded and shared her brief, heartfelt words. 

"My whole goal, ever since the first time was to hear her voice," said David Huntoon. "I get to hear her voice every day now."

Hannah is a member of the Palm Beach Gardens High School dance team - The Gatorettes. 

On April 26, she nearly died after police say she was car surfing - standing atop a moving vehicle.  Hannah fell, hitting her head on the pavement. 

"We have good conversation, you know, father daughter conversation," said Mr. Huntoon.

"She was one foot from death," said Constance Huntoon, Hannah's mother. 

Mrs. Huntoon said her daughter awoke recently from a medically-induced coma and can walk with the help of others and tie her own shoes.  Her mother said it's the sound of Hannah's voice that means the most to her family. 

"She is witty.  She is funny.  She's herself," said her mother.

Hannah's parents say she remembers her accident and now understands how one choice can change lives in an instant. 

"Hannah said 'If I knew how dangerous it was, I would have never done it'," said her mother.

Hannah says she is focusing on her daily therapy sessions and thanking all those who've been at her side.

"I appreciate everyone who's been there for the support," said Hannah.  "Thank you." 

Huntoon could be released from the hospital within a couple of weeks.

At last check, Palm Beach Gardens police said charges in this car surfing case are still pending. 

It is unclear if those charges would be filed against Huntoon or her friend, the driver, Megan Jacobson.

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