Jacqueline Cassell, local drummer, has millions of views on YouTube as an 'Internet' drummer

Her videos have amassed 5.1 million views

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Long before Jacqueline Cassell rocked local nightspots and church, she was a Palm Beach Gardens twelve-year-old with an annoying habit, at least to many of her neighbors.

"I played on pots and pans in my garage," said Cassell.
Maybe annoying to her mom, too.
"For one Christmas she got me a ten dollar toy drum set. She thought I was joking," said Cassell.
Now, the American University student has a following on the biggest channel in the world.
She does drum covers, dubbing in her own drums to popular songs. "When people go on the Internet, they want to see something different," said Cassell.
Ten thousand views here. A hundred thousand views there. And a million views on one.
"My roommate, I remember her coming into my room, my dorm room last year, and she told me, 'your video has a million views,' and I was like 'stop,' I thought she was joking," said Cassell.
But the Internet isn't always fun, or funny.
"You're not good enough to play because you're a girl. You really don't know what you're doing. You're never going to get anywhere," said Cassell.
Well, she's been endorsed by a drum company that now provide her sticks and drums.
A few critics aren't going to stop her. "If I can do this as a career, great. But for now, if someone says I watched your videos today, it made my day so much better, that's really what I'm looking for," said Cassell.
One beat - and one video - at a time.
Cassell's videos have amassed 5.1 million views on YouTube.

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