Palm Beach Gardens woman turns to Craigslist in search for kidney

Woman is hoping website will help find donor

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Selina Hodge is already on a typical donor waiting list, but that route could take several years. So the 28-year old is taking her search for a new kidney into her own hands.

Dialysis is keeping Hodge alive, but she says it's also keeping her from living. Each day begins with Hodge taking nearly a dozen different medications.

Every night, Selina is hooked up to a dialysis machine for nine hours. "It helps me stay alive, but it's slowing me down from what I really want to do in life," said Hodge.

Selina was diagnosed with kidney failure four years ago. Now, she's on a waiting list for a donor. Hodge already looked to family and friends, none of whom can help because of health issues or they are not a good match.

Selina is now looking for help from anyone -- including anyone on Craigslist. "That's when I turned to Craigslist, because I didn't know where else to turn to," Hodge said.

She's hoping she can find a match and really start living her life. "I want to write a book, I want to be a motivational speaker, I want to be a crime scene investigator. There's so much I want to do but, I have to put a pause on things like that because of the dialysis," said Hodge.

Selina also suffers from spina bifida, and was recently diagnosed with arthritis and a thyroid disease that may require surgery. But priority number one is getting that new kidney -- from anywhere she can find help. "Until the day I get that kidney. I'm going to keep trying." 

Hodge has received a couple of responses since she posted less than 24-hours ago. One man wanted to help get the word out. One woman, a nurse in Broward County, said she'll be tested to see if she is a good match.  To email Hodge directly, click here.

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