Uncertain future for Panama Hattie's

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. - Panama Hattie’s Seafood House has been around for more than 25 years.

The restaurant sits along the Intracoastal in North Palm Beach and next to it is a rum bar.

Nick Mastroianni Jr., Of Allied Capital and Development of South Florida, said the company has purchased several parcels of land where Panama Hattie’s sits.

The developer says the tentative plan is to put a small boutique hotel on the north end of the property, which will house some residential units and three restaurants.

He says what they don't want to do is change the concept of what Panama Hattie’s started. The developer wants to keep the atmosphere tropical and add more access to the water.

Regulars say they would be sad to see Panama Hattie’s go.

"I would love to see it stay, but progress is progress and you can't hold it back. But I think there's enough buildings going up around Palm Beach and West Palm Beach that they don't need another one,” said customer Inez Brown.

Although Panama Hattie’s is a staple in the community some want to see the area grow and develop.