Robbery at local Chabad House

Thief steal sentimental dollar, among other things

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. - A Jewish center in North Palm Beach is reeling over a break in and the loss of a dollar. But Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui says it wasn't just any dollar, it was one that was at the heart of the organization's work and is now lost because of an early morning break in.

The Chabad House in North Palm Beach is cleaning up, and offering $1,000 dollars to recover the single dollar bill inscribed with a special sentimental Hebrew blessing.

A surveillance video shows the thief in the night.

"The fellow came through that window right over there," says Rabbi Ezagui. "He broke through right over here, not bothering to undo the latch."

The thief wandered through the empty children's center at the Chabad House. The rabbi says the man tried to jimmy a cash register open and when he could not, he came back and hammered it open.

"He took a lot of charity boxes. He was able to find cash lying around," says Rabbi Ezagui.

Hundreds of dollars now gone, but one particular missing dollar was inscribed and given to him by the late New York Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson in 1987. He helped create the Chabad Houses that are outreach networks for people of Jewish faith and people in need across the world..

"It was a dollar that had a very special blessing on it for me and for our operation," says Rabbi Ezagui. "This is something that cannot be replaced."

The dollar was taped inside one of the charity boxes the Rabbi says the burglar swiped. The Chabad House desperately wants it back.

The rabbi says he's not sure, but thinks the man in the surveillance video might be someone he's seen before.

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