Panama Hattie's closing after nearly 30 years of business

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla.-- It's been a staple in Palm Beach County for nearly three decades. But Tuesday will be the last day diners can enjoy the food and atmosphere of Panama Hattie's.

The owners of the restaurant sold it to Allied Capital and Development. The developers plan on tearing down the restaurant and building a boutique hotel, condos and shops.

Vicki Griswold had her first date with her husband at Panama Hattie's. "It was a really nice dinner and he kissed me in the parking lot," Grisold says. She stopped by the restaurant one last time to get some keepsakes. She left with some old menus and memories. "It's one of those places we pass by a lot and we remember so it's pretty special to us," she says.

Barry Johnson worked at Panama Hattie's for ten years. He left two years ago when he heard there was a possibility it could be sold. "They started to say they were going to sell it, and I didn't want to be without a job," Johnson says. He applied at the Waterway Cafe across the Intracoastal and started working there two years ago. As for his former co-workers, he said it's going to be tough for them to find work. "I know there's a lot of restaurants but now is the slow time of the year so it's going to be hard," Johnson says.

Managers at Panama Hattie's say there are at least two hundred employees looking for work. One employee says he's worked there for more than twenty years. When asked if he found a new job, he said "There aren't any jobs out there."