Noel Briley: North Palm Beach man accused of stealing thousands from woman with dementia

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. - A North Palm Beach man was arrested over the weekend on charges of exploiting the elderly after an investigation alleged that he stole thousands from a dementia patient he was to be taking care of.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office began investigating an elderly exploitation complaint in 2012. The complaints were made by Department of Children and Families' employee regarding a woman who required 24 hour nursing assistance.

The complaint was in regards to the woman's power of attorney, Noel Briley who allegedly spent over $90,000 of the woman's money while she was in a diminished mental state. In an investigation, deputies determined that Noel Briley had successfully transferred $50,000 into his account from the woman's account and had used additional funds from the victim's account for new tires, vet care for his dog, and a monthly bill with Dish Network.

Investigators believe the woman was suffering from dementia when she signed over power of attorney to Briley. The probable cause affidavit also stated that although the victim was determined to be incapacitated by her physicians, she was never deemed incapacitated by the courts.

Briley was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail. He has since been released after posting a $5,000 bond.