Loxahatchee man accused of stabbing another man at North Palm Beach car wash

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A suburban Loxahatchee Groves man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing another man as he worked at a North Palm Beach car wash.

Nicholas A. Schultz, 20, was denied of bond this morning by Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Krista Marx. He will be held at the Palm Beach County Jail and faces attempted first-degree murder charges.

Schultz was arrested by North Palm Beach Police Monday afternoon, shortly after employees of Wash and Wax World called for help at 2:23 p.m. to report a fight and someone being stabbed.

The first officer on scene ran into the car wash's manager, who pointed at Schultz as he walked away from the scene.

The officer said that when he stopped Schultz and asked him if he had stabbed someone, Schultz nodded, according to the arrest report.

Back at the car wash, additional officers spoke to multiple witnesses to the stabbing incident and earned that 26-year-old James Richard Lockwood, of Kenneth City, was working when he was attacked from "behind" with a knife by Schultz. Other employees, who saw Schultz heading in Lockwood's direction, tried to stop Schultz's attacks on Lockwood.

One of them said he kicked the knife from Schultz's hand, before he ran off. On his way out, an employee allegedly overheard Schultz say, "I did what I came to do."

Video surveillance of the incident shows Lockwood about to work on a vehicle when Schultz ran up behind him holding a knife in his right hand, the report said. Schultz stabs Lockwood in the back and continues to stab him multiple times, including his left side and around his neck.

Lockwood was seen trying to block the knife blows to his head by keeping his arms around his face as he fell to the ground, according to the report.

The report does not detail if Schultz spoke to police.