Bob Bedford, history buff, recounts life of Abraham Lincoln

Walking into Bob Beford's home, you'd think you were in a presidential museum.
"I'm going to take you first to Lincoln's re-inaguration in 1865," said Bedford.
Bedford is a retired businessman from Indianapolis.
"All these clippings you see come from the 52 week collection of Harpers Weekly of that year,1865, when Lincoln was killed," said Bedford.
Bedford has more than a dozen picture frames and nearly 200 newspaper articles. All covering the assassination of Abraham Lincoln more than 140 years ago.
"This is the real stuff and I inherited it from people who had it," said Bedford.
President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth on April 14 1865. One day later, Lincoln was pronounced dead.
But in Bedford's eyes, his memory still lives on.
"Without a doubt Lincoln saved America, on the trail we were on at that time, there was no way we could of survived another two generations," said Bedford.
Passed along over 3 generations, Bedford said his materials are worth millions. But as he gets older, he says he plans to donate some of his artifacts.
"If there was a school that really stood that had curriculum that I believed in, I would consider donating," said Bedford.