Anthony Ledbetter, Christopher Wayne Wheeler: Arrested for home break-in, police chase

Lake Park Elementary School put on lockdown

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. -- An elderly couple whose home was broken into late Monday morning is shaken up, but doing okay following the incident.

North Palm Beach Police arrested 32-year-old Christopher Wayne Wheeler and 22-year-old Anthony Ledbetter after police chased them down U.S 1, and put an elementary school on lockdown.

Homeowner, Linda Wilkins, says she was taken by surprise when the two men tried to break in, but she acted quickly.

"I was on the phone with police. I heard them. I was on the phone with police when they came in the house so it was very short-lived," Wilkins said.

Wilkins was able to give police a good suspect description.

Police say they chased the duo down U.S 1 toward Lake Park. They say the suspects shot at officers, but no one was injured.

Police say the chase ended near Lake Park Elementary School when an officer pulled their cruiser in front of the suspect vehicle, causing it to wreck.

The suspects tried to run from the scene, but police say they were arrested quickly in front of the school.

The school was put on lockdown as a result.

"I heard a lot of noise. A lot of sirens," said neighbor Rebecca Kelly.

She lives right across the street from the school, and right next to the corner where the suspects wrecked their car.

"What's going on here in my neighborhood? I just moved here to this street," Kelly said.

The Wilkins' neighbors say the break-in, the high-speed chase, all of the day's events have them on guard.

"It scares me. I'm like 'oh my god'. What if I came home and somebody was in my home?" said Mary Strayer.

Wilkins says she's just thankful no one was hurt, and nothing was stolen.

"Since I wasn't harmed, I'm glad I could play a part in giving the description," says Wilkins.

North Palm Beach Police say they are also questioning the two suspects for their involvement in a handful of other burglaries in the area.