Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control investigates North Palm Beach shelter owner

Fined for too many animals

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. - Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control visited a North Palm Beach shelter owner who is facing complaints about having too many animals at her home.

Inga Hanley runs the Adopt A Cat Shelter in Lake Park, she says the shelter is so overcrowded that she has to keep the extra animals in her own home.

"She has roughly 15 animals over the limit of what the ordinance allows inside her house," says Captain David Walesky.

"Today the fine was $250 dollars and she has another 30 days to lower the animals to the legal limit," adds Walesky.

This isn't the first time Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control has dropped in.

"She holds onto the animals a lot longer than she should a lot of times which leads to overcrowding," adds Walesky.

In January Hanley was cited for too many animals. When officers came back in July for nuisance complaints from neighbors she earned a second offense because she still had too many cats and dogs.

Last week Hanley said that all of the animals are given the best care and attention she could possibly give them.

"Yes, I may have too many animals, but I keep the house and the animals very clean," she Hanley.

Officers say the law only allows them to issue citations and they would only begin removing animals if there was proof of cruelty.

After leaving Hanley's home on Friday Animal Control headed to the Adopt A Cat shelter Hanley runs in Lake Park.

They say there are at least 200 cats. There is no limit to how many animal shelters can have, there are just guidelines.

"...We have some have medical concerns, so we are going to follow up with a veterinarian to make sure they are under care," says Walesky.

Animal Control will go back in 30 days to see if Hanley has reduced the number of cats and dogs in her home. If she is not in compliance Hanley will be fined $500 and after that given a mandatory court appearance.


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