Makita Campbell: Dozens wear pink to remember 14-year-old at her funeral

LAKE PARK, Fla. - Decked in pink, dozens showed up to Makita Campbell's funeral at Covenant Centre International Church in Lake Park on Saturday morning.

There was song, dance and many tears shed during the service.

Family members were too grief stricken to speak at the funeral, but two of Campbell's teachers from John F. Kennedy Middle School paid their respects during the service.

Campbell is the youngest of the five who died in the car crash on Blue Heron Boulevard that left five people dead two weeks ago.

As the teachers paid their respects each spoke about the wonderful personality Campbell had and that's now gone.

Everyone in the crowd said her bubbly personality and infectious smile is what they will miss most now that she's gone.

Jason Mahlung and Orane Cummings also held their funeral services on Saturday, but their services were at Inlet Grove High School.

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