Veteran's fight to save his home

JUPITER FARMS, Fla. - With time ticking, Harry O'Brien needed a miracle. For the past four years, Mr. O'Brien said he's been battling health issues, while trying to get his mortgage payment lowered. He ended up in foreclosure.  Everything was about to come to a head Friday morning.

"After Ocwen told me, ‘sorry can't do anything for ya', I [thought] ‘Impact 5 is going to be in Port St. Lucie tonight, I said I'm going."

During the meeting he told us his home was hours away from being auctioned off.

"I spent 20 years defending this country and this is what happens? Not in my book," O'Brien said.

Minutes after our meeting was over, Mr. O'Brien was surrounded with support.

Fabian Silnik with the Paul Krasker law firm, offered his help.

"My mind is spinning saying what are we going to do? How is he going to go about it?" O'Brien said.

This morning he got the news we were all hoping for.

"[Fabian] said ‘I've got the best news you'd ever want.' I said, ‘well you said the sale was cancelled', and he says ‘yeah we don't know who did it, why they did it.'

Unbeknownst to Mr. O'Brien, the auction had been put on hold Thursday morning. Even so, he's not out of the woods yet.  Foreclosure is still looming.

"We are in the last minutes of the foreclosure process so we're somewhat limited on what we can do but since the foreclosure sale date has been postponed we do have some options at this point in time," Paul Baltrun from the Homeowner Assistance Division said.

His team at the Paul Krasker law firm is now working to see if it can negotiate a modification or principle reduction, so that the O'Briens can keep their home. The work starts by opening communication with the bank.

"The takeaway is if you're in foreclosure or facing foreclosure you have to try to work with your bank as difficult as it as may be," Baltrun said.

A representative from Ocwen told us the auction of this home was postponed because O'Brien had previously applied for a government loan modification. That request was denied but it did buy him more time to avoid foreclosure.

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