Suspects try using aluminum foil to make bad credit cards process in Jupiter

JUPITER, Fla. - Jupiter Police are investigating an attempted fraud at a Jupiter gas station Saturday afternoon.

Thieves allegedly used aluminum foil to try to get away with free merchandise.

Employees at the BP gas station on Indiantown Road say two men helped each other climb up the back of the gas station to get to the roof.

The men then targeted the satellite dishes that were once used to transmit credit card transactions.

The thieves covered the sensors on the dishes with aluminum foil with the goal of making bad or maxed out credit cards process, and be approved.

Little did the thieves know, the satellite dishes are no longer active.

Employees say four accomplices of the two men went inside the store to purchase various food items and alcohol.

They used a bad card to make the purchases, thinking they would be approved.

After they were declined, employees say they quickly left the store.

One block away, a Shell gas station had a similar experience.

Someone climbed on top of the roof to cover the lotto satellite with aluminum foil.

Employees there say no one got away with any merchandise.

Employees say they are remaining watchful after the two attempted thefts.

Police have not made any arrests.

They are still investigating if the two cases are related.

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