Safe Harbor Animal Rescue evicted from portion of facility after failing to pay rent

Animals being moved elsewhere

JUPITER, Fla. - The Safe Harbor Animal Rescue Director Kay-Lynette Roca is being evicted from a portion of her Jupiter facility after failing to pay $30,000 in rent.

Roca says with more animals coming into the shelter in need of homes and medical treatment, funds have dwindled -- and donations have gone from slim to none.

"It's just snowballed," she said.

Staff and volunteers spent several hours moving animals and supplies out of the building Tuesday. Cats were taken to a ranch owned by Safe Harbor in Palm City. Dogs were moved into administrative offices.

"It's hard on everybody," said volunteer Jody Pearce. "We just feel so displaced."

Roca says the eviction means no animals will be on display for adoption. She is expecting a $25,000 grant from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, but unfortunately, she won't be receiving it until November 2.

In the meantime, she says donations are crucial and so is space.

"We're just asking people to just come in and help us by taking animals into your home right now," said Roca.

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