Lighthouse Elementary students choose next president in mock election

Mitt Romney wins by one vote

JUPITER, FLA.  Last minute 'student campaigners' made one final push Monday during Lighthouse Elementary's mock Election Day, hoping to influence any undecided mini-voters as they shuffled into the official polling place, otherwise known as Mrs. Childress' second grade classroom.

Seven-year-old poll workers kept busy signing voters in and guiding them to the voting booth.  The process wasn't without hiccups.

"It was kind of loud when the kindergartners came in," said Hanah Cedeno, a second grade student.

The ballot itself was pretty straight forward, containing a picture of both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  Still, as we know in Florida, it can get tricky.

One kindergarten voter asked as he got to the booth, "do I check or bubble?"

Some youngsters changed their minds mid-bubble or just looked over to their neighbor's ballots.

Second grade voter William Dahlmeier voted for Obama because he "heard that Romney just wants the money and he's trying to shut down PBS kids channel."

Another student Peter Van Kirk said, "I believe that Mitt Romney will make jobs."  One kindergartner said she voted the way she did because her mom told her to.  Another 5-year-old said she voted her way because she "likes pizza."

Finally the race came down to just one vote with governor Romney coming out on top.    

"You should vote so you can get a new president and sometimes voting is kind of fun," added Cedeno.

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