Pine Glades, newly restored natural area opens up in Jupiter Farms

JUPITER FARMS, Fla. - More than 66-hundred acres of land was rehabilitated in Northern Palm Beach County.

Adianna Ragoonanan and her dad were curious about the new Pine Glades Natural Area west of Jupiter Farms.

"He passes it every day going to work so we decided to come check it out," said Adianna.

They loved it!  The real Florida coming back. With no school Friday, Adianna was happy to come explore on her kayak.

"My favorite part of my visit here was watching the natural wildlife and looking at all the birds," said Adianna.

There are plenty of that.

Joanne Davis, a self proclaimed outdoor lover, helped get this project started.

"This was an old rock mine pit and there were big 'ol square holes and they had mined out a lot of the shell rock that they used for roads and construction," said Davis.

In just a few short years the county has restored the once damaged habitat into its natural south Florida ecosystems, like cypress dome, marsh areas, and flatwoods just to name a few, and they are teaming with wildlife.

"You come out here any given day you're gonna see the wildlife, the birds, turtles, snakes, fish, all kinds of things! It's wonderful habitat that's great for kids. Kids get to see what the real world looks like in south Florida."

On our short walk we ran into a killdeer bird, protecting her nest by pretending to be injured right in front of us. This helps draw the natural pray away from the next.

There's a fishing pier, miles of hiking trails, a kayak launch, plus you can get off the beaten path to find images of beauty anywhere.

The park is open sun up to sun down each day and is patrolled by sheriff deputies.

It can be found off Indiantown Road, about 7 miles west of I-95 and the Turnpike.

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