Parents, kids prepare for summer camps

JUPITER, Fla. - Right now is the time parents can start registering their kids for summer camps.

Doctors say parents should do their homework before sending their kids to a camp.

Dr. David Marcus of Pediatric Associates in Boca Raton says you need to make sure camps are ready to deal with any medical emergency that may come up.

"You want to know that they are appropriate for your child. Let's say your child has asthma, do they have equipment available? Do they know how to administer emergency services if the child starts wheezing? 
You have to make sure they have their medication available if they need it," Dr. Marcus says.

Marcus says doctors see a lot of children with broken bones in the summer because kids are more active.

He says many camps want your kids to have an up to date physicals and vaccines before they show up.

"All of them require a physical.  They require that their vaccines be up to date, and that if there are any special medications that they need that there are medication forms we have to fill out," Dr. Marcus says.

Marcus also says its important that parents give their kids the fuel they need to get through the day and to make sure their children have plenty of fluids.

Camp registration is starting for summer camps in communities across the area.

For information on local summer camps, check the links below:

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* West Palm Beach

* Palm Beach County

* Boca Raton

* Stuart

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