Palm Beach County female firefighter has a plan to keep her New Year's resolution

JUPITER, Fla.-- Sherma Dillard-DelTergo is one of a few dozen female firefighters in Palm Beach County. At Station 18 in Jupiter, the 5'1" woman says she works out most every day.

"The requirements for men and women are the same in this job. So I have to stay in shape," she said.

Dillard-DelTergo balances a lot. She works long hours at the station, attends school, plans to open a cheerleading gym and she has a five-year-old.

"I gained ten pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year's. I gained ten pounds. I ate whatever I wanted," she said.

But, she resolves to lose the weight.

She has a specific plan. As a former fitness competitor she is planning to eat a diet strictly excluding artificial sugars and meat for the next four weeks.  She says the biggest part of making it stick will be staying mentally focused.

"I just keep that in the back of my mind. That my daughter needs me. She needs my energy she needs a everything. So I have to stay in shape or her as well as for myself."

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