Palm Beach County Commissioners decide not to pass a road project in Jupiter

Residents are torn with the decision

JUPITER, Fla. - Kennedy Estates residents showed up in numbers to a Palm Beach County commission meeting Tuesday, opposing a road project that would have run through their neighborhood. 

Many of the people who live there say the development of a Bio-Tech company would have divided the community and brought unwanted chemicals.

Developers planned on building an access road extending from Island Way.

One woman told the board,"People are doing something for a profit at the expense of everybody else."

North Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce CEO Beth Kigel, said this project would have brought jobs and economic growth to an under developed area.

Kigel said,"We know that there were a lot of discussions, meetings, negotiations, hearings that were taken into account, the needs of the community and it's just a shame because their were some benefits that were gonna go to children in this community."

Residents like James Hay wanted the development.  He lived in his home for more than forty years and was hoping to sell his property.

Hay's neighbor, Jasper Gordon, said he'd rather not deal with the noise and commotion of the construction and doesn't believe the company would have hired anyone who needs  jobs in the neighborhood.

"We have a lot of younger people in the neighborhood that needs jobs, are they going to be able to get jobs from this construction, I don't think so.", said Gordon.

Developers said they're looking into other ways to grow the area.

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