NBC's 'Today' show searches for sharks off the Palm Beach County coast

JUPITER, Fla. - NBC "Today" show correspondent Kerry Sanders did something the long-running show had never done before Friday morning.

"We got a real up close and personal live view (of sharks), and that's a first for us on the "Today" show," Sanders said.

Sanders and his team brought the "Today" show beneath the waters of Palm Beach County in search of one of the ocean's most powerful creatures: the great white shark.

The "Today" show broadcasted five miles off the Jupiter shoreline, an area that has had great white shark sightings recently.

Sanders quickly had company beneath the surface on national television.

Kerry didn't find a great white but found several bull sharks swimming nearby.

"Exhilarating and frightening," he said.

Sanders and his photographer Becky Schott lived to tell the tale.

"I got all my fingers. I got all my legs and toes," Sanders said.

The shark Kerry really wanted to see was Katharine, a great white that is also a local celebrity.

Katharine has a tracking device that pings when she surfaces.  Her Twitter account has more than 27,000 followers.

She was in our area earlier this month, but was a no show Friday morning.

Jupiter Shark expert Bryce Rohrer kept a close eye on Sanders while he was in the water. He runs Florida Shark Diving out of U-Tiki Beach marina. 

He wants people to look at sharks differently.

"Sharks are not out to get people," he says. "Jaws was a big detriment to sharks. It came out a long time ago and it painted them in a negative light."

That's something Sanders can now speak to. He saw firsthand these sharks were looking for something for breakfast other than him.

"The sharks were not particularly interested in us," he says. "They didn't come over, they didn't bother us, they were feeding, but they weren't really engaging with us."

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