Locus Traxx keeps track of produce, searching for soldiers

JUPITER, FLA - Opening the doors five years ago on their Jupiter office with with just five employees, Locus Traxx has made tremendous strides since then, managing to increase it's profits, and it's number of employees tenfold.  "We just broke 50, and we'll add another 100 employees this year, to fill out this new location," said Locus Traxx President and CEO, David Benjamin. 

Their technology helps keep track of produce in transit, monitoring it's exact position, as well as it's temperature.  "We kind of hand your strawberries a cell phone, a GPS, and a thermometer.  They stay in contact with us.  They let us know whether or not their temperature's good, whether or not they're happy.  We make sure they're fresh and safe when they get to your table," said Benjamin.

However, their biggest boon, according to Benjamin, is their employees.  "They get a great job, it's a skilled profession.  We're growing like crazy, and we need their help," said Benjamin.  

Locus Traxx is moving to a new, cavernous 60,000 square foot facility, creating even  more room for growth.  With more and more soldiers returning from overseas, Benjamin hopes to put their training to good use, on the front lines of the corporate battlefield.  "They're good team players, they've got great education, they're technically savvy.  They are smart young men and women, they've got leadership capabilities, it's a win win for both of us," said Benjamin.  

Locus Traxx will be moving into their new 60,000 square foot facility in May.  They're growing fast and expect to fill the building quickly.

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