South Florida man helps pelicans in distress

Kenny Brown is known as 'Pelican Man'

Kenny Brown is known as 'Pelican Man' around the county.

"Beautiful, I love them," said Brown.

Every day he's on a personal mission to rescue injured pelicans.

"7 days a week I get home at 2 in the morning, every day rescuing," said Brown.

This is the time of the year the birds migrate north. But when they're injured, they can't make the trip.

Brown says the most common pelican injuries come from fishing lines and loose hooks. His rescues often start with a call from boaters or fishermen who spot the birds in trouble out on the water.

"You see that injury and look at him, look hows he's suffering... I'm not going to let him suffer," said Brown.

And after he rescues the injured birds, he takes them straight to Busch Wildlife Center.

"Kenny definitely makes a difference, he's out there doing something he has a strong passion for, he doesn't want to see the animal hurt, and if he could choose what he wants to do with the rest of his life, always helping an animal is exactly wants to do," Executive Director of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary David Hitzig said.

Brown says his job is never done. His mission is to make sure every pelican can make its way up north this spring.

"It's not that I love them, they need help, I get calls from people who called five other places and no one helps, that's why I do it," said Brown.

If you see a pelican in distress you can call Bush Wildlife in Jupiter at 561-575-3399.



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